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Re: [Alumni FK Unair] Nature’s Fury: 30 Chilling Photos of Natur

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Nature’s Fury: 30 Chilling Photos of Natural Hazards

[image: supercell-thunderstorm]
Supercell Thunderstorm in Montana – Photograph by Sean Heavey<

From violent volcanoes to horrifying hurricanes, Mother Nature’s fury is a
sight to behold. With so much human conflict and suffering, we often
underestimate the awesome and destructive power of nature. While the
science behind these events is utterly fascinating, the consequences can be
dire and we must respect the power of the planet we live in. Here are 30
chilling reminders of nature’s fury:

2. Chaiten Volcano – Chana, Chile (May 2008)

[image: chaiten-volcano]
Photograph by Carlos Gutierrez<

3. Forest Fire – Dolginino, Russia (Aug. 2010)

[image: forest-fire-in-russia-2010]
Photograph by ARTYOM KOROTAYEV/AFP/Getty Images<

4. Undersea Volcano – Coast of Tonga (March 2009)

[image: undersea-volcano-tonga-2]
Photograph by Dana Stephenson/Getty Images<

5. Kliuchevskoi Volcano – (Russia Sept. 1994)

[image: kliuchevskoi-volcano]
Photograph by NASA-Johnson Space Center<

6. Double Cyclone – Iceland (Nov. 2006)

[image: tandem-cyclones-iceland]
Photograph by NASA/Jesse Allen<

7. Flooding (from Typhoon ‘Ketsana’) – Manila, Phillippines (Sept. 2009)

[image: manila-flooding-typhoon-ketsana]
Photograph by Jay Directo/AFP/Getty Images<

8. Tornado – Oklahoma, United States (May 2010)

[image: tornado]
Photograph by Willoughby Owen<

9. Hurricane Felix – Honduras (Sept. 2007)

[image: hurricane-felix-from-space]
Photograph by NASA<

10. Lightning Strike – New York City (2010)

[image: lightning-bolt-strikes-statue-of-liberty]
Photograph by Jay Fine<

11. Mt. Saint Helens Volcano – Washington, United States (May 1980)

[image: mount-st-helens]
Photograph by USGS<

12. Flooding – Cedar Rapids, Iowa (June 2008)

[image: flooding-iowa-2008]
Photograph by David Greedy/Getty Images<

13. Mount Merapi Volcano – Indonesia (Nov 2010)

[image: mount-merapi-volcano]
Photograph by SONNY TUMBELAKA/AFP/Getty Images<

14. Chaiten Volcano – Chana, Chile (May 2008)

[image: chaiten-plume-volcano]
Photograph by ALVARO VIDAL/AFP/Getty Images<

15. Dust Storm – China (April 2001)

[image: satellite-dust-storm-over-china]
Photograph by NASA/Jesse Allen, Robert Simmon/MODIS science team<

16. Mt. Saint Helens Volcano – Washington, United States (Aug. 1980)

[image: trees-blown-down-by-eruption-of-mount-st-helens]
Photograph by AP Photo/USGS, Lyn Topinka<

17. Lightning Storm – Roswell, New Mexico (July 2010)

[image: lightning-bolts]
Photograph by AP Photo/Roswell Daily Record, Mark Wilson<

18. Brush Fires – Sylmar, California (Sept. 2009)

[image: station-fire-2]
Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images<

19. Eyjafjallajokull Volcano – Iceland (April 2010)

[image: eyjafjallajokull-1]
Photograph by Reuters/Lucas Jackson<

20. Flooding (Tropical Storm Agatha) – Guatemala (May 2010)

[image: floods-from-tropical-storm-agatha-guatemala-2010]
Photograph by Reuters/Casa Predicencial<

21. Undersea Volcano – Tonga (March 2009)

[image: undersea-volcano-tonga]
Photograph by LOTHAR SLABON/AFP/Getty Images<

22. Wildfires – California (Sept. 2009)

[image: station-fire-los-angeles-california]
Photograph by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images<

23. Dust Storm – Australia (Sept. 2009)

[image: dust-storm-australia]
Photograph by NASA/JPL<

24. Flooding – Iowa, United States (June 2008)

[image: flooding-iowa-2008-2]
Photograph by AP Photo/Jeff Roberson<

25. Mt. Etna Volcano – Sicily, Italy (Oct. 2002)

[image: mt-etna-eruption-volcano]
Photograph by NASA-Johnson Space Center<

26. Eyjafjallajokull Volcano – Iceland (April 2010)

[image: smoke-from-eyjafjallajokull]
Photograph by HALLDOR KOLBEINS/AFP/Getty Images<

27. Brushfires – Victoria, Australia (Feb 2009)

[image: brushfire-victoria-australia]
Photograph by AP Photo<

28. Tornado – Iowa, United States (June 2008)

[image: tornado-funnel-cloud-iowa]
Photograph by AP Photo/Lori Mehmen<

29. Chaiten Volcano – Chana, Chile (May 2008)

[image: chaitein-southern-chili-volcano]
Photograph by AP Photo/La Tercera<

30. Storm Clouds – South Dakota, United States (2009)

[image: storm-clouds-south-dakota_23945_990x742]

Photograph by Patrick Kelley<



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